What would you do with all the FREE time?

Think back to the day you decided to start your business. Why did you start your business? Yes, you’re strong-willed, compassionate, and on a mission to empower and uplift other women. You started your coaching business to help these women become better versions of themselves.

BUT…there’s more to that, right?

I can only assume that you started your own business to have freedom, and to work LESS while earning MORE. Don’t we all? Yet, somewhere along the way, YOU are beginning to feel like your clients. Tired, stressed, and overwhelmed, spending so much of your valuable time writing web copy, instead of focusing on what you love to do; Coaching!

You’ve spent HOURS trying to sound a certain way. You wrote, AND re-wrote your copy a few times already, but still, something is missing. I get it! It can be frustrating when you can’t find the RIGHT words to deliver your message the way you imagined.

How much time and energy are you spending writing your web copy? How much is that time worth to you or your business?

You could book more 1:1 coaching clients, or you could spend that extra time doing what you enjoy the most. Perhaps, you can finally take a vacation, or spend time with your family.

“Do I need help with my web copy?”

Well, if you are;

  • WASTING tons of time writing your copy.
  • STRUGGLING to deliver your message in a way that is true to you.
  • NOT getting the conversion rates expected from your sales copy.
  • Or if you just HATE writing.

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How I can help you:

My main goal is to voice your message authentically so you can attract THE RIGHT clients instead of ALL the clients.

Not everyone is a good fit for you, and that’s perfectly fine.

  • Get compelling web copy that converts prospects into customers.
  • Website copy that captures the reader and keeps them engaged!
  • Turn your emails into exciting content that your audience actually WANTS to consume!
  • Most importantly, get copy-writing that helps YOU connect with your audience!

Nurture your readers through articles, blog posts, web content, or emails. Set yourself as the expert that you are with copy that fits your unique personality!

Are you ready to take your business to the next level with strategic copy-writing?

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Why female coaches?

Female coaches, specifically those in the health and wellness industry, have such an amazing job. (These can be health and fitness coaches, life coaches, mindset coaches, and those specifically helping women overcome traumatic pasts).

They uplift and empower other women who want to feel healthy, beautiful, and fearless. As women, we are capable of so many things, and when we come together, we can make great things happen.

As a female coach, YOU are making an impact. You are fierce; you commit your time and energy to help these women achieve their goals, so I am committed to helping YOU voice your message authentically to attract the right clients for you.

If you are an inspiring and talented female that believes in helping other women become the best version of themselves, but you find yourself feeling overwhelmed or “stuck” on writing your web copy, I want to help YOU!

About Me

Hi there! My name is Maribel, a freelance copywriter for female coaches.

I am also the mother of 5 girls. Hence why I am all for women helping women.

I work with female coaches because I genuinely believe that you are doing something inspiring.

In my younger years, I was what people called a “rebel.”

Little did they know, I was just a child going through a tough time. Having been through sexual abuse as a child and as a teenager, I didn’t know anything else, other than feeling anger all the time.

As I look back into my life, I think, “how could I possibly overcome all the trauma?” I realize that I’ve been surrounded by strong women. Women that taught me how to keep pushing forward no matter what came my way.

The very first woman is my mother that always stood by me and is still by my side to this day. Without her I wouldn’t be here.

Then there was my middle school counselor and my mentor that always believed in me, even when I didn’t believe in myself.

As an adult, I have met some pretty amazing women that have helped me so much to believe that I can still grow and be stronger than ever for myself and my daughters.

If you’re doing this for other women, I would love to connect with you and talk more about your goals and how I can help you attract your target audience, because the world needs more of YOU.

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